Powerful money spells in Johannesburg,Durban,Dubai,U.A.E


9 oranges
A non-plastic bowl big enough for 9 oranges
Gold ribbon
Green ribbon
A green candle
Optional but recommended: a few drops of essential oil of cinnamon and/or clove mixed with a tablespoon of sunflower oil

Ideally, you would do this ritual on the new moon, but any Thursday or Sunday when the moon is close to new and between new and full will work too.

Assemble all ingredients and center yourself. Carve a dollar sign into the candle. If you’re using oil, anoint the candle with it by spreading a thin layer over the entire surface area, excluding the base and wick. Light the candle. Hold your hands in prayer pose, close your eyes, and say:

I call on the angels of abundance.

Direct your open palms toward the oranges and ribbons, and say:

I charge these ingredients with the magnetic light of financial prosperity.

Visualize sparkly green/gold/rainbow light coming down through the top of your head, to your heart, and out your hands into the oranges and ribbons. Now, tie a bow around an orange with one piece of green ribbon and one piece of gold ribbon. Once you’ve tied, it, hold the orange in both hands and say:

I open the floodgates of abundance and welcome infinite wealth into my life now.

Place the orange in the bowl and repeat with each orange. (If any of the bows fall off, don’t worry about it – the ritual will work just as well.) When you’re finished, hold your hands in prayer pose and say:

It is done. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessed be. And so it is.

Place the bowl on your stove, and place the candle next to it. Let the candle burn all the way down or extinguish it and burn it again (as convenient) until it burns all the way down. It’s okay to move the oranges and candle when you use your stove, just move them back again afterwards. At the full moon or the day after, dispose of the oranges by burying them or placing them in a compost heap or yard waste bin so that they can return to the earth. Or, in this case, it’s okay to eat them – just make sure you dispose of the peels in the above-mentioned way. (If you do eat them, you’ll be internalizing the magic, which will likely be very interesting in a probably pleasant yet unpredictable way.) Tie the ribbons together into a charm, and hang or place in your gratitude and prosperity area or hang it on the outside of your front door, the inside doorknob of your front door, or on the wall above the inside of your front door.

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